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 About Practice

Practices should be considered dynamic and always subject to improvement; as such, they are never definitive but correspond to the best existing practices at any point in time.

These are grouped into three Arenas:

·    Design, Monitoring and Evaluation arena being defined as the generic tools, approaches, methods associated with design (inc. holistic appraisal and analysis), monitoring and evaluation that can pertain to program or project

·    Organizational Context arena being defined as the office context (CO, HQ, Member Office) and having to do with the institutional aspects that may constrain or promote learning and accountability

·    Programmatic Strategies arena being defined as broader than a single project and having to do with the particularities and challenges associated with seeking cohesion at this level as well as with defining strategies, addressing and incorporating cross-cutting themes, and other aspects of a program approach

These may relate to:

·   The learning culture (inclusive of innovation, creativity, reflection, evaluative thinking);

·   The capacity, attitudes, behaviors and skills of staff and partners in DM&E practices and the principles;

·   The organizational drivers and incentives for a learning culture;

·    Relationships with partners and downward accountability;

·    Mechanisms for institutionalizing good practices;

·    Mechanisms for accountability;

·    How current and informed is its approach to the wisdom and good practices that exist in CARE (and generally in development).


A document qualifies for "practice" if it meets the following criteria:

        i.            Must be a means to facilitate the translation of some part of the core’s contents into practice

       ii.            Represent good practices in the form of guides, tools, techniques, methods, know-how and behaviors

     iii.            Must be action-oriented and instructive

    iv.            Must be widely applicable throughout the organization and programming (otherwise, it is listed under "sector-specific" practice)

      v.            Must have relevance to current-day programming


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